From Our President      


We are almost at the end of this year. Can you believe it? I’m grateful that we were able to gather together in person. This has been a year of learning, growing, and trying new things. We were determined as your Conference Leadership Team to do what we could to reach more women. We set a goal to gather together, and we did! In spite of challenges, we succeeded in getting together in person again.

The United Women in Faith November Program used the spiritual practice of praying with beads to guide us through discussions on prayer and thanksgiving. I noticed that not only in the November Program but in the upcoming December program we are using our hands to create things. God uses hands. He uses them for action, to care for and bless others.

As I sat thinking about what to write, I noticed that my fingers were intertwined, my palms were together, and my elbows were rested on my desk, all together in position to pray. I am in constant prayer for the CTCUWF and how we are to continue moving forward together. There is still work to do, re-engaging women, revitalizing units, and introducing women to United Women in Faith.

Now is the time to think about how you can share what we do with others. At your holiday gatherings, think about the women you gather with who are not in your local units. Think about women who are not members of your church. Now is the time to share with them what you do as a member of United Women in Faith.

Invite someone to attend the CTCUWF Legislative Event with you. Share upcoming district and conference events. Invite them to take a look at our National website. Re-imagine how you see United Women in Faith. Do you see a group of women who put their Faith, Hope and Love into Action? Do you see a group of women who are ready to tackle issues that affect women, children and youth? Do you see a group of women who act boldly and who show up when called?

There are a number of resources available to help you share what we do; however, the best way is to invite someone to your local unit, district, or conference event. Check our Conference Facebook page for upcoming National, Conference and District Events. And be sure to let your district team know about your local unit events so they can be shared with other units throughout the district.

Have a wonderful holiday season,

Pam Pinkerton-Whitley. CTCUWF Conference President

“New Beginnings – A Brighter Day!”