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The 2022-2023 United Women in Faith, Circle Programs Resource: Mosaic of Faith: We Are All Part of God’s Story, moves us through the year exploring our identity as children of God. The program resource is split into four quarters, and there are questions for us to focus on and explore each quarter.  

The first quarter question, “Who do you say that I am?” was the guiding question as we explored who Jesus is and what we know about God’s character. As God’s children, we are accountable to each other. We are called to imitate God’s life-giving character to see justice and liberation.

Our second quarter question is, “Who am I that I should go____?”. The December program was about overcoming our fears and sharing our diverse gifts to answer God’s calling. To share God’s love into the world means we have to put time aside to prepare ourselves and nurture our gifts. One of the questions we were asked was, “How can we put our gifts into use?”. We were challenged to share a specific gift during the month.

The January program centered on stories of movement. We were asked to think about the feelings that people might have had, and what they were looking for. We reflected on our own stories, how we saw God’s presence in key moment or aspects in our life movement.

The February program is focused on, “Reconnecting with Our Sacred Bodies”. We were asked to focus on getting in touch with our bodies and appreciating their physical and spiritual dimensions. Ash Wednesday, February 22nd is an important day in our Christian tradition when we pause to remind ourselves that we are, “embodied creatures with a physical beginning and end, born from the dust to which we will return one day”.

Each monthly program ends with a call to put our Faith Into Action. One of the action items for this month is about prayer and meditation. Prayer has been the focus of the weekly sermons and Bible studies at my church. Prayer helps us to stay focused on the call that God has placed on members of United Women in Faith.  

March 2023. We have a lot to celebrate in March; the launch of our new branding, it’s Woman’s History Month, March 8th is International Women’s Day, March 17th -18th, is the CTCUWF Spiritual Growth Retreat. I normally read through the programs each month and decided that in the month of March to schedule a Zoom meeting focused on the March Program. It’s the beginning of a new quarter and Spring is in the air.

If you do not have the 2022-2023 Program Resource you can order it at . You do not need to have a copy of the book to join the meeting. You will need a couple packs of flower seeds, a piece of paper and glue.

Save the date, email me ( to let me know if you are interested in joining me on March 9th at 7 pm. We are all part of God’s story. Looking forward to meeting with you next month.

Pam Pinkerton-Whitley, CTCUWF President



United Women in Faith first adopted the “Charter of Racial Policies” in 1952. We worked on ratification at multiple levels of the organization and readopted an updated version in 1962. Throughout the years, we lobbied the United Methodist Church to officially adopt the Charter, seeking to bring its commitments to the full body of the church.

The charter was first received by the General Conference in 1964 and first included in the Book of Resolutions in 1980. Since then, it has been updated and readopted regularly by delegates to General Conference. From the 1950s to the present, the Charter has been a core part of our identity.

Join us for a presentation on Eco-theology by Jenny Slidell and Charter for Racial Justice information from Fannette Welton, CTCUWF Social Action Chair. This event will be held at Grace Metroplex, 1310 Collard Street (on the campus of Texas Wesleyan) in Fort Worth, Texas. Registration begins at 9:00. By sending at least two members from your unit, you can be enrolled as a member of the Charter for Racial Justice. This is a free event. Hit the Registrations tab for more information.

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